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  • Zoltan Alexander


During London Fashion Week, Olubiyi Thomas presented his Autumn/Winter collection 2022, “Princess of the Universe” at his Covent Garden store. We met a few days later to talk about his work, contemporary art and the wild aspect of life.

Review by Zoltan Alexander

Atelier Olubiyi Thomas / Trailer © video created by Zoltan Alexander ZOLTAN+MEDIA


Following Olubiyi Thomas’s A/W 2022 presentation, I met with the designer in his store. After the show, his HQ became, once again, a multi-functional space from store, showroom, runway to exhibition space. Alongside the clothes, grouped by themes and colours, we walked through his artistically chaotic workspace. The interior is randomly arranged with recycled furniture and the walls are covered with his large-scale patchworks. The setting is never staged but changes spontaneously. The heart of the space is so intimate that we almost felt like sitting at the cutting table, filled with sample fabrics, drawings, and photographs from his last show, to take over the work.

I have never planned to have a fashion talk. I am not even a fashion journalist. My background is deeply rooted in contemporary art, and that is how I recognised his strong bond with art.