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  • Zoltan Alexander

nº32 / PARISPHOTO 2018

ParisPhoto, the biggest photo fair in Europe held each November at the Grand Palais, returns with its 22nd edition.


There are images not everyone would like to see

Martha Kirszenbaum



Interviews and featured galleries, artists by Zoltan Alexander

JR at Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Paris), Kensuke Koike, Thomas Sauvin, Emilia Genuardi of Approche (Paris), Edouard Taufenbach at ParisPhoto Curiosa and Binom Gallery (Paris), Simon Lehner (Vienna), Daniel Szalai (Budapest) at ParisPhoto Carte Blanche, Marie-Charlotte Wambergue of Maison Ruinart (Paris), Deborah Oropallo, Stephanie Syjuco, Edgar Martins and Catharine Clark of Catharine Clark Gallery (San Francisco), Richard Learoyd at Pace/MacGill Gallery (New York), Dmitry Markov at Galerie du Jour/Agnes B (Paris), Ayana V Jackson at Baudoin Lebon Gallery (Paris), Grey Crawford at Taik Persons Gallery (Berlin), Tahmineh Monzavi at Silk Road Gallery (Tehran), Nathalie Boutté at Yossi Milo Gallery (New York), Delphine Diallo at Fish Eye Gallery (Paris), Daido Moriyama at Akio Nagasawa Gallery (Tokyo), Annegret Soltau at Anita Beckers Gallery (Frankfurt), Bruce Davidson at Howard Greenberg Gallery (New York), Erwin Olaf at Galerie Magda Danysz (Paris), Richard Avedon at Gagosian Gallery (London)


ParisPhoto 2018 at the Grand Palais / © video by Zoltan Alexander ZOLTAN+MEDIA

ParisPhoto, the biggest photo fair in Europe held each November at the Grand Palais, returned with its 22nd edition, attracting nearly 70.000 visitors in four days and gathering more than 200 exhibitors from all around the world, offering an unparalleled presentation of contemporary and vintage photography from grandmasters to emerging young talents.

ParisPhoto is much more than just an art fair. It's an emotional journey.