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  • Zoltan Alexander

nº43 / PHOTOLONDON 2019

The 5th edition of PhotoLondon at Somerset House with 24 countries, 114 galleries, record sales and over 42.000 visitors in four days.


"Landscape-dance, naked bodies, cut-out paper forms and cut-out landscapes, black bodies and segregated black citizens, 18th-century rebels and 80s red-head punks"

That's the palette of PhotoLondon 2019.


Interviews and featured galleries, artists by Zoltan Alexander

Michael Benson, Fariba Farshad, Giada Vaghi and Philippe Garner of PhotoLondon, Tristan Lund of PhotoLondon Discovery section, Edouard Taufenbach at Binom Gallery (Paris), Rad Husak at Dellasposa Gallery (London), Hannah Hughes at Sid Motion Gallery (London), Dafna Talmor at TOBE Gallery (Budapest), Philip Pocock at INDA Gallery (Budapest), Sacha Goldberger and Denis Rouvre at Project 2.0 Gallery (The Hague) and David Goldblatt at Goodman Gallery (Cape Town and Johannesburg)


PhotoLondon 2019 / © video by Zoltan Alexander ZOLTAN+MEDIA

The much acclaimed 5th edition of PhotoLondon at Somerset House closed just a few days ago with record sales and robust numbers of over 42.000 visitors in four days. 24 countries and 114 galleries participated, many of them for the first time.

The founders Michael Benson and Fariba Farshad with Giada Vaghi, Head of VIP and Philippe Garner, Chairman of the PhotoLondon Curatorial Committee shared the same opinion:

Despite the toxic shadow of Brexit, we have emerged stronger than ever. Our team have travelled thousands of miles and worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome. Given the context, this is an extraordinary achievement.”