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  • Zoltan Alexander


Shared Roots” … an ode to the creative powers of nature and mankind. Maison Ruinart presents Brazilian artist, photographer Vik Muniz at Palais Brongniart, Paris.


“The more difficult the path, the better the result"

Vik Muniz


Review by Zoltan Alexander


"Shared Roots" by Vik Muniz / © video by Zoltan Alexander ZOLTAN+MEDIA

Hidden in the 2nd district at the Palais Brongniart, the 19th-century former stock exchange, the Brazilian artist, photographer Vik Muniz presented his latest photographic works in collaboration with the champagne house Ruinart.

Muniz initially was a sculptor and through the photographic representation of his work he grew to photography. Muniz perfectly incorporates everyday objects, cars, ashes, dust, chocolate, garbage dumps and diamonds to create bold, large-scale imagery, deriving from pop culture and art history. Muniz often gets his inspiration from postmodernists and admits that he does not believe in originals, rather in individuality. He often destroys the originals of his work and only the photo remains. Muniz's distinctive practice explores the instability that exists between craft and reproduction, between art and popular culture.

When I take a photograph, I intuitively search for a vantage point that would make the image identical to the ones in my head before I would make the picture". Vik Muniz

In 2008, he undertook a project in Brazil, photographing the “catadores”, the trash-pickers, as figures from emblematic paintings, such as Jacques-Louis David's Neoclassical “Death of Marat”, then in 2010 documented it in the film “Waste Land”.